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2G Interiors are proud accredited applicators of Porters Original Paints.

At 2G Interiors we create custom interior paint finishes in Christchurch and all around the South Island of New Zealand.

These handcrafted paints combine the latest in paint technology with time consuming traditional methods & genuine raw materials for that quality  paint finish. From modern interior & exterior wall paints to unique metallic finishes that will transform your property into a one off piece of artwork.

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Porters also offers a more traditional product range that includes lime wash & cement based products, stone paints for that extra textured surface & French Wash to create a delicate broken colour & marble like finish. The rich beautiful colours that Porters Paints provide are one off originals that no one else can copy due to their unique tinting system.

2G Interiors would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your thoughts & requirements & provided you with a free quote.

Porters Paints Accredited Member

Metallic Finishes

 Porters metallic products can be applied to almost any surface like plasterboard, plaster, timber, masonry & metal to create an aged rustic weathered look. These speciality finishes can transform an exterior of a property into something very special or an interior feature wall into a one off unique masterpiece. A clear sealer can be applied to most of these finishes to protect the metallic look & to stop it corroding if you wish.


  • Turn any surface or cladding into an aged metallic look.
  • To turn a feature wall into your own unique one off piece of artwork.
  • Great for interiors & exteriors.

Premium Acrylic Paints

Porters Original Paints provide a great range of interior & exterior premium acrylic paint products with a wide range of rich vibrant colours that can truly transform a room or an outdoor area. These products are favoured by families because of their low odours.


  • Wide range of one off unique colours.
  • Low odour products.

Traditional Finishes

There are some more traditional products that include lime wash & cement based products to give your surfaces a softer Mediterranean look.

If you are looking for a more textured harder wearing product that will hid imperfections then the Stone Paint is great.

Porters French Wash is a great product to create a delicate broken colour & marble like finish that was created by European masters centuries ago.


  • Suits those more traditional properties.
  • Great lime & cement based exterior products.
  • Great hardwearing exterior textured products.

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