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Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal Christchurch

The problems with lead paint

Across New Zealand it is becoming more common that the existing paint on timber surfaces can’t support the new acrylic paint system, especially on the older weatherboard cladded properties.

The existing painted surfaces can seem sound after being prepared but once the new paint coatings are applied it can add stress to the underlying paint system which can then start to fail showing signs of blistering & peeling. Majority of the time the existing underlying paint that is breaking down & failing is a lead based paint.

The only way of making sure that your new paint job isn’t going to blister & peel is to remove the old existing coatings back to the bare original substrate.

2G Interiors can provide you with a free lead paint test & detailed quote for the removal of the existing paint.

By removing the contaminated paint from your property removes the chance of getting lead poisoning. Children are at a higher risk of lead poisoning because of swallowing paint flakes that contain lead. Pets can be affected by lead poisoning if the soil they are digging in gets contaminated. Lead is a health hazard. Small chips of lead containing paint or lead paint dust can create health risks. It can also contaminate the environment.

We at 2G Interiors can help with the removal & disposal of lead based paints from your property in the correct safe way.

Lead Paint